We deliver designing services to our clients, architects, developers, contractors, facade contractors, project managers supporting them in all phases of the design process of a steel, aluminum or glass structures. Focusing on the aesthetic, functional and financial aspirations of our clients our skilled team of designers strives to illustrate new ideas and concepts through well-structured conceptual drawings. Setting professional design, analytical BOQ, and performance specification as the basis for a successful construction management process, our design professionals will review and analyze your project expectations, offering you the best concept design solutions. The Tender drawings that we create are the basis for the estimation process and accompany the quotation. They are required by the contractors to approve correspondence with required scope and they often ask for some preliminary structural calculations as well. Such drawings prevent misunderstandings and increase the confidence in the offering company. Approval drawings, shop drawings or submission drawing are those submitted to the design team of the project and contain all relevant detail concerning facade structure. Fabrication or workshop drawings are based on approved drawings to organize a simplified and efficient manufacturing process of a facade. Installation drawings that follow are those that provide guidance on site and the optimal use of site means to decrease facade building time. Finishing the project, as-built drawings show the project as the contractor finally built and constructed it. The final as-built drawings include any potential modifications during construction, requested changes, shop drawing modifications. Future modifications, particularly for plumbing and electrical systems, which are hidden from view and other important operations and project maintenance require accurate as-built drawings.