GLASSCON offers full engineering & construction of ALUMINUM CURTAIN WALLS, STRUCTURAL GLASS & ARCHITECTURAL ENVELOPES such as suspended glass walls, aluminium curtain walls, free form structures, curved/bent glass, cladding materials etc. Our huge experience and qualification range us to one of the leading facade engineering & construction companies in Europe.  Glasscon has a portfolio of hundreds delivered projects and thousands of sqm installed glass. These facts appose Glasscon as the only choise for "high tech" facade projects. GLASSCON offers worldwide from "one hand" design, consultancy, procurement and installation of full integrated facade systems like:
  • Aluminum facades and curtain walls (SCHUECO, REYNERS, SAPA, ALUMIL, HYDRO, GLASSCON  etc)
  • Façade engineering, consulting, project management, procurement and construction/installation
  • Alu/Steel/ glass high tech bioclimatic facades and curtain walls.
  • Structural glass curtain walls with TENSION ROD SYSTEMS
  • Structural glass curtain walls with PRESTRESSED CABLES from stainless steel
  • Any kind of glass (Enamelled silk printed glass (Glas mit Siebdruck) , curved bent glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, bullet proof glass etc)
  • External moveable shades and blinds,( external LOUVRES from glass, aluminum, HPL Fundermax wood, perforated metal sheets, photovoltaic louvers etc)and external venetian blinds with electromotor.
  • External Shading systems and daylight guidance systems
  • Glass moveable & rotating shading louvers, glazed shades and external moveable glazed blinds.
  • Aluminum perforated moveable or fixed shades / blinds and moveable metal shades and blinds
  • Perforated metal sheets (ALU, STEEL) for cladding
  • Canopies (movable or fixed) from glass, aluminium, steel, inox, fabric, pvc etc.
  • Atriums (movable or fixed) from glass, aluminium, steel, inox, fabric, pvc etc.
GLASSCON is accredited for its Products & Services by TÜV NORD ISO 9001:2015 and “ift ROSENHEIM” in Germany.GLASSCON: The only ONE – STOP - SHOP for premium Architectural Building Envelopes & Glazing Solutions.For more information, become a member of our growing global community and download free brochures anytime and anywhere!GLASSCON reserves the right to change or modify any of the above data, specifications, characteristics, terms etc at any time and in its sole discretion without further notice.