Facade design & engineering - Structural calculationsGLASSCON delivers all the calculations and engineering needed for the different facade applications p.e curtain walls, spider glass curtain walls, steel structures, cladding systems and rainscreens, solar shades,glass floors & staircases etc. The design of structural glass requires advanced methodology and therefore there is a need of specialized structural glass engineers, with great experience. The design is based always on International Building Codes mainly for safety and legal reasons. Such Building Codes determining the mechanical properties of glass and the design procedures of glass panels are: EN 572-2, EN 572-3, EN 572, DIN 1249-1, DIN 18008-1, DIN18008-2, BS, ANSI etc. GLASSCON delivers full facade engineering, structural glass design and glass calculation analysis (linear and non-linear) for various loads combinations, according to local Standards. Top qualified and experienced engineers, check allowable stresses, displacements & deformations by using mainly Finite Element Analysis.The glass panels are checked and calculated for static load combinations as for dynamic loads according to German Regulation DIN1249-12 Floatglass, DIN 18516 ESG-Glass, Mindestfestigkeit DIN EN 572-2.FEM Modeling of the structure with the use of linear and surface finite elements with special designed software, analyzed for linear elastic, 2nd order theory, elastic with redistribution of loads, plastic, and dynamical fasmatic analysis for earthquake loads.Determination of active loads (EC1- EUROCODE 1). The computation of loads that act on the structure are included, on the basis of Eurocode 1/ DIN 1055, along with the Regulation of Loads for static loads like self weight, snow, wind pressure etc.Additionally, the load combinations on which the design of the structure is going to be performed on the basis of functionality and resistance are also included.The static calculations are made by engineers of GLASSCON, according to international regulations DIN 1249 - 12 Float glass, DIN 18516 ESG - Glass, Mindestfestigkeit DIN EN 572 - 2, by using relevant Software and the Finite Elements Method, with the study of displacements and stresses in SHELL, SOLID and PLATE elements. Analysis is performed to a non-linear static calculation, due to the geometric non-linearity and deformation of the plate in regard to its thickness.Static loads, dynamic and thermal loads, such as wind pressure, snow loads, percussion, earthquake, expansion or contraction of a metal frame, temperature difference in the glass frame and fire, are taken according to Eurocode1 (EC1) Standards or other local Regulations.