Sun protection & light control consisting of perforated large slats with variable dimensions in width and maximum dimensions of 1320 mm x 3150 mm. The large louvres stand at a distance from the glass facade at the edge of the floor slab and enclose both sides of the building. They consist of a newly designed aluminum frame of the "MINIMAL FRAME" type, which was manufactured from a special trapezoidal cross-section according to static calculations. The frame has been filled with perforated aluminum sheet with a 50% opening degree and a special anodizable alloy certified for outdoor use. The vertical eccentric rotation of the large slats is achieved by slim stainless steel electric motors and is controlled by a central system that takes into account the direction of the sun, the interior lighting and the interior temperature in the building. For the construction of the project, design (concept design, system design, workshop drawings) and static calculations were carried out as well as mockup constructions/model systems, ie VMU and PMU laboratory models of 1:1 dimensions were built and certified by IFT Rosenheim.It should be noted that the creation of MOCKUP sample plants and laboratory tests are extremely important procedures to ensure the proper operation of the system.ARCHITECTURAL STUDY: RENA SAKELLARIDOU SPARCH PC PROJECT OWNER: PRODEA PROJECT MANAGEMENT: ARBITRAGE CONTRACTOR: TERNA S.A