GLASSCON offers to architects and developers worldwide full services for design & engineering till complete execution on site of turn-key bespoke facade systems, tailored made to meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of challenging projects.


Architectural Intent GLASSCON develops together with the architect design concepts, performance specifications and requirements based on architectural initial design illustrated in 3D drawings, renderings, basic drawings and hand sketches.

GLASSCON executes tests performed in accredited testing institutes to obtain the respective CE marking in accordance with the EN & ANSI standards.

System Design, Structural & Performance verification

Our in-house design and engineering team provides exceptional design-build services to achieve the best value for our client’s project. In addition to structural calculations, the design team of GLASSCON offers a variety of analysis on the building envelope’s thermal, acoustic, daylighting, safety and energy performance.

Visual (VMU) & Design Optimization

Construction of full-scale replicas of the developed facade system and visual inspection of the test mock-up to identify possible design, manufacturing or assembly flaws.

Performance Mock-up (PMU), Testing & Certification

Performance mock-ups are tested to confirm their ability to meet specific performance criteria according to the specification requirements.

Fabrication & Quality Control

The final optimized envelope systems are fabricated, according to the EN & ANSI standards. GLASSCON’s experienced personnel inspects the quality of the end product via internal QA/QC procedures.

Survey, Installation & Site Testing

Experienced installers and supervisors are assembling and delivering to the client site-tested projects while respecting the time and site constrains as well as project specific requirements.

Project Documentation

Complete project documentation, As-build drawings, Operation and  Maintenance manuals, BIM files, Guarantees and certificates are delivered upon project completion.


We are getting involved from the early stages hand in hand with the architect for project development up to the complete realization of the building envelope. GLASSCON’s team of facade experts provides a blend of precise design and creative thinking and apply advanced system, material and installation methods in delivering worldwide cutting edge facade systems.


Custom facade systems offer maximum flexibility to the design. GLASSCON delivers designing services & value engineering to architects, developers & facade contractors focusing on the aesthetic, functional and financial aspirations. Setting professional design, analytical BOQ, and performance specification as the basis for a successful construction process, our design professionals analyze the project expectations, offering the best concept design solution. During this procedure drawings for tender, approvals, submission shop-drawings, fabrication, installation & as-built are delivered.


GLASSCON works close with the architects and clients, embracing their creative freedom even to complex geometries (3D, Parametric) and turn their vision into reality. Actual prototypes of facade materials are required at the conceptual stage. Working with 3D PRINTED hand samples, we give the opportunity to the design team to evaluate material characteristics and make any adjustments required on a prior stage.


GLASSCON’S engineers carefully monitor testing at a neutral third party accredited testing facility and review the published test results for the project record. Testing refines facade performance and allows the project team to anticipate constructability challenges. Mock-Up testing is the only reliable way that simulates simultaneously, many phenomena that occur in reality that could otherwise cause structural failure on a constructed facade.


GLASSCON has a vast experience in CE-MARKING, mandatory ITT Tests, European Product Safety legislation and LEED Assessments. We provide our expertise to manufacturers, contractors, architects & consultants in order to ensure that the facade solution meets all requirements. Our expertise is based on a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge in product safety, engineering, quality assurance, technical documentation and the use of test facilities. Our legal department covers all aspects of product liability and the legal consequences that arise from the European product legislation. If requested, GLASSCON provides benchmark LEED assessments of the facade elements from the early stage of design concept and project scheduling.


Size matters! GLASSON works beyond the level of standard production process. We follow up all fabrication process, provide Quality Assurance and Quality Control services to reassure production quality within specified project standards and according to GLASSCON’s fabrication drawings.


Installation is the bedrock of construction. Incorrect installation and poor workmanship increase the risk of safety hazards, structural failures & reduce the lifespan of its components, while raising maintenance costs considerably. GLASSCON provides safe, solid and cost effective solutions to all aspects of facade installation, from a simple mastic seal curing a leak to installing glazing panels with complex geometry. All of our operatives are certified by TÜV Nord in accordance with the strictest European regulations. GLASSCON’s installation team guarantees quality control of unloading, unpacking & storage of all sensible materials like silicone, gaskets, fire rated glass. Regardless of whether a BMU unit has been installed, GLASSCON can undertake the maintenance of the building envelope including functionality improvements, components’ replacements, integration of BMU units etc.