GLASSCON Solar Shading Timber Louvre Systems - Fixed & Motorized Timber LouversGLASSCON offers a range of solar shading solutions or sun blades that provide optimized daylight control and energy control. These fixed or motorized louvers and ensure better control of solar heat gain and daylight performance, while adding immense aesthetic appeal to a building's design.GLASSCON solar shading systems are renowned for their precision, quality assembly, cost effectiveness and superior construction. They can be installed in fixed or variable positions for adjustable shading to ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency. GLASSCON solar shading systems provide an attractive architectural envelope for a wide variety of construction - in atrium skylights, walkways, welcome galleries and office spaces. Whatever the building design or purpose, the fixed and motorized louvers deliver both practical and visual benefits.The GLASSCON range of timber solar shading and louvre screening products are manufactured from:
  1. HPL (High Pressure Laminates from FUNDERMAX)
  2. a  range of sustainable timbers to provide effective shading and screening solutions to the building using the natural beauty and character of wood.
Western red cedar wood is the most common timber used within our GLASSCON system and offers a robust, stable, material resistant to any significant dimensional changes when used. Western red cedar wood shading blade profiles provide a modern, stylish and contemporary appearance to the building facade.Timber blades can be supplied as rectangular planks ranging in size from 100x20mm blades up to 290x45mm wide profiles in one piece constructions or larger, if required, but supplied as laminates. Shading blades can also be supplied as round or elliptical profiles again ranging from 100mm up to 290mm in width as one piece constructions and thereafter larger sizes as composite laminates.Other geometric blade profiles may also be designed and supplied to suit client requirements dependent upon final technical review from our engineers.The GLASSCON product range can also be used for ventilation or plant louvre screening with standard vertical pitches of 100mm and 150mm available using a rectangular plank profile. The louvre blades can be fixed back to rear mounted 'secret' aluminium clips fixed to an aluminium mullion support post to allow a continuous, 'unbroken' external louvre appearance. Alternatively the louvre blades can be supplied in factory built, modular, panel format with either timber or aluminium frame surround.GLASSCON Timber Louvres profilesGLASSCON can design, manufacture and install timber louvres. These louvre systems are standard in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm vertical pitch spacing using overlapping rectangular plank profiles machined with radius edging available to front and back of the blades to produce a 'softer' louvre-line appearance.Usually the wood used is western red cedar due to its stable composition and performance characteristics, but other woods such as Larch, Oak or Thermowood can be also used.The function of timber louvres is primarily 'screening' with the GLASSCON range offering a large choice in blade pitches to allow the best possible selection for any particular project in terms of performance and cost.Timber louvre screens can be arranged as a continuous, 'unbroken' external appearance or alternatively in small format modular panels where the blades are normally fitted within an aluminium or timber frame surround.The timber louvre blades can be supplied with a stained finish and also a weather coat preservative to ensure color choice and fastness if required.GLASSCON: The only one ONE-STOP-SHOP for hi-end BUILDING QUALITY!GLASSCON is a great one ONE-STOP-SHOP for CLADDING MATERIALS & ROOFING for BUILDING ENVELOPES, OUTER BUILDING SKIN, BUILDING ENVELOPES and premium FACADES ! For more information become a member in GLASSCON's website and download free brochures for our products and services, anytime and anywhere!GLASSCON GmbH – Long Experience in Shading SystemsGLASSCON has a very long experience in shading projects since 1999. It is a business partner of WAREMA Germany ( and it has a long and testified experience in designing the most complex projects. If you would like to see all alternatives solutions, press here BRISE SOLEIL – MOTORIZED LOUVER SYSTEMSPress here, to visit all OUTDOOR VENETIAN BLINDS & CONSERVATORY SCREENS systems available.Finally, before exciting our WEB, if you would like have a final view in our CORPORATE VIDEO and enjoy our achievements, which we would like to share with you…GLASSCON is accredited for its Products & Services by TÜV NORD ISO 9001:2015 and “ift ROSENHEIM” in Germany.GLASSCON: The only ONE – STOP - SHOP for premium Architectural Building Envelopes & Glazing Solutions.For more information, become a member of our growing global community and download free brochures anytime and anywhere!GLASSCON reserves the right to change or modify any of the above data, specifications, characteristics, terms etc at any time and in its sole discretion without further notice.