GLASSCON designs and delivers all kinds of glass walkways surfaces, glass stairs, glass staircases, glass flooring systems, glass floors etc using laminated and tempered/strengthened glass. Laminated and  strengthened glass  is slip  resistant and translucent and provides safety and visual discretion. The surface  treatment can be etched  or frit  patterned. The silicone  joints  for  floors  are comprised of wet  silicone  and rigid  backer. The glass floors can be applied in many ways like horizontal or slightly inclined glass walkway surfaces or glass treads  in staircases. It can also be used only as flat  panels  supported along  their  edge.The advantages for using glass as a flooring material are a) the ultra contemporary clean  design  aesthetic b) there is no use of secondary aluminum structural profile systems c) the glazing  attaches positively directly to the structure d) the glass can be 2, 3 or 4 sided  support e) a wide variety  of methods  to mechanically fasten the glass exist: point  supported, linear supported or by pressure plate f) nominal interruption of glass  surface  for reduced  shadowing g) the glass panels are  designed  using  finite  element analysis for maximum safety k) relatively large  panel sizes and loads  can be accommodated i) Exposed glass edges are  ground  or polished to reduce  potential of damage in use.The glass can be standard fritted glass surface with etched or patterned etched as glass options.GLASSCON is accredited for its Products & Services by TÜV NORD ISO 9001:2015 and “ift ROSENHEIM” in Germany.GLASSCON: The only ONE – STOP - SHOP for premium Architectural Building Envelopes & Glazing Solutions.For more information, become a member of our growing global community and download free brochures anytime and anywhere!GLASSCON reserves the right to change or modify any of the above data, specifications, characteristics, terms etc at any time and in its sole discretion without further notice.