This project consists of the following 3 articles: 1. Cladding of a library building envelope, with "glasscon PLANAR & SPIDER STEEL" type curtain wall, supported on a Stahl37 metal frame. The glass panes are digital printed in a pattern of repeating words, form and dimensions according to the respective architectural study. The suspension of the panes is done in three horizontal zones of 167,215,167 cm, according to the drawings and the panes are calculated for static and dynamic loads. The support and suspension of the glass panes is done on the metal carrier of the enclosure. The glass panes are properly configured with the corresponding holes, for their suspension and support with the planar type suspension system. 2. Cladding of a roof (Skylight), with "glasscon PLANAR & SPIDER STEEL" system with tempered laminated glass panels (triplex) with sandblasting film. 3. Glasscon Aeroluv Wing Ellipse Metal facade shading system of the building, with vertical perforated aluminum blinds, electrostatically painted in shade, shape and dimensions, according to the study. The system consists of special extruded aluminum profiles in combination with perforated curved aluminum sheets AIMgSi 0.5 with a final finish of electrostatic paint in RAL shade.ARCHITECT: ΤΗΥΜΙΟS PAPAYANNIS & ASSOCIATES ROMVOS S.A.