GLASSCON is currently realizing a High End Building Envelope with an external motorized solar shading system. The glass louvres are made by coloured ceramic frit glass and are supported through special custom-made stainless steel fittings designed by GLASSCON. The system is fully automated and provides full light guidance & shading upon user needs.GLASSCON offers a wide range of architectural glass solar shades or glass sun blades that provide optimized daylight control and energy control. These fixed or motorized glazed shades or glass louver systems are made of tempered/laminated glass (Heat sock tested) with digital printed or ceramic frit (enameled colors and designs/prints), that ensure individual control of solar heat gain and daylight, while adding immense aesthetic appeal to a building's design.GLASSCON: The only one ONE-STOP-SHOP for high-end BUILDING QUALITY!GLASSCON is a great one ONE-STOP-SHOP for CLADDING MATERIALS & ROOFING for BUILDING ENVELOPES, OUTER BUILDING SKIN, BUILDING ENVELOPES and premium FACADES ! For more information become a member in GLASSCON's website and download free brochures for our products and services, anytime and anywhere!GLASSCON GmbH – Long Experience in Shading SystemsGLASSCON has a very long experience in shading projects since 1999. It is a business partner of WAREMA Germany ( and it has a long and testified experience in designing the most complex projects.