PRJ-107 Ventilated Facade System with Spider Glass and External Venetian Blinds

GLASSCON completed succesfully the facade & cladding systems of a new building. The total cladding area is ca. 1.200 sqm .The system consists of a steel grid substructure that holds the ceramic clay tiles. The german made clay tiles are 600mm*300mm big and are treated with anti-graffiti protection that provides easy cleaning. A shading system has been also applied on the façade that consists of controllable external venetian blinds from the german company Warema. With ceramic clay tiles cladding & ceramic louvers & blinds (fixed or motorized), architects have developed a cladding range in a unique and unprecedented variety of colours and it blazes new trails in the unlimited possibilities of cladding design. Solid-coloured, fired clay tiles of finest colours inspire in a well thought-out system. Ceramic clay tiles & ceramic louvers have a great variety oh colors, dimensions, shapes & finishes!


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GLASSCON GmbH – Long Experience in Shading Systems

GLASSCON has a very long experience in shading projects since 1999. It is a business partner of WAREMA Germany ( and it has a long and testified experience in designing the most complex projects.

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