GLASSCON has successfully completed a new project involving MOTORIZED HPL TIMBER FUNDERMAX LOUVRES/SHADES, which she has installed at a luxurious residence building.With the collaboration of the well-known and prestigious architectural firm ISV, GLASSCON studied and developed a System of motorized HPL-Fundermax Timber solar shades, which are not affected and are not damaged by sun, moisture, and UV rays. Furthermore, the timber sunshades can rotate automatically, driven by the specialized stainless steel IP65 ELERO-Linear Motors.The specialized HPL-Timber surface of the motorized solar louvers are made of FUNDERMAX HPL. The material of HPL-"FUNDERMAX" is a modern eco-innovative material "HPL High Pressure Laminate" and has following indicative characteristics:

  1. is fully qualified and certified for outdoor use (external cladding, siding, lining for buildings, louvers, sun shades, fences etc) and it is a product of European origin.
  2. it never needs any kind of maintenance, as opposed to all common types of timber (teak, iroko, bakirai etc) that need annual maintenance.
  3. it has 15 year guarantee, in contrast to all common types of timber.
  4. it is more economical than real timber.
  5. it is completely eco-friendly, since it is not a full natural product.
  6. There are over 40 diferrent TYPES of FUNDERMAX Timber styles, colors and finishes.


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